Aural haematoma dog steroid

TEAT CANNULA PLACEMENT OR PENROSE DRAIN PLACEMENT – A teat cannula is a small device used in the treatment of udder inflammation in cattle. It can be placed in the opening of the teat to allow drainage of milk or infected discharges. Teat cannulas can also be surgically placed in a dog’s aural hematoma if the earflap is large enough to accommodate the device. The hematoma is drained of fluids and allowed to heal over the next several weeks. This method is generally successful but does involve the dog tolerating a “gadget” inserted in its earflap for several weeks.

Rossi was admitted to the surgery and sedated so a catheter could be passed to allow him to urinate. The cause for his blockage appeared to be urinary crystals which can form into larger stones in the bladder – radiographs revealed that he had several of these uroliths (stones) causing the problem. Depending on what type of urinary crystals make up the stones, they can sometimes be dissolved with a particular type of prescription diet. Unfortunately, not all types can. A sample was taken and sent off to the lab for analysis. In the meantime, a catheter was sutured into place so Rossi could pass urine into a collection bag.

Aural haematoma dog steroid

aural haematoma dog steroid


aural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroid