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The most common critical complaints with Blitz revolved around allegations of " rubberband AI "; that is, in single-player mode, the computer opponent becomes nearly unbeatable late in games with the human player leading. However, many critics also pointed out that rubberband AI is also an undocumented feature of more "legitimate" football titles such as the Madden NFL series. The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable releases were also criticized for their very long delays and load times. [ citation needed ]

Obviously, [bangs head against the wall] Colin Kaepernick can’t prove anyone wrong, because he hasn’t been offered any chance to do it. While every wrinkly racist can go on and on about how Scott Tolzien and Nathan Peterman are superior to Kap as QBs and have somehow earned the right to be on an NFL roster through on-field play, Kaepernick remains at the mercy of front office execs and coaches who are either too scared or too spiteful to give him any opportunity. This is not the fault of Kaepernick. Even Jay Cutler could practically sleepwalk out of retirement and into a Miami gig . It’s on old football people to let him play.

Bill romanowski steroids

bill romanowski steroids


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