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Some users report that the gains with boldenone are very similar as those achieved by using Deca Durabolin but with boldenone providing a little more on the strength side of the equation. When it comes to activity however it doesn’t act at all like Deca as Deca is a progestin and boldenone is not and is a far closer relative to testosterone than deca is. This does not stop them being stacked in a cycle though and in fact this is rather common to see. In fact boldenone is never seen on its own in a cycle and is always used with one form of testosterone or another.

I got my maxpro Tren-A 100mg 10mm vial from a friend whom actually picked it up in Thiland. This stuff is very clean, very potent, with no pip. 100mg a week is pushing it for me as the aggression is nearly to much. When I am able to take my ADHD medication, im able to run 300mg a week. Results really start showing !! Anyways, There is not just ONE manufacturer out there making maxpro. There are many others.........Lixus brand from Etalaze has a high reputation for being dirty, fake, and even health hazardous causing metal poisioning in people. But Lixus brand from others sources hail great boasting.... Read like your studying for an SAT before you buy from anyone of any product and or brand.

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Buy maxpro steroids uk

buy maxpro steroids uk


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