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NARRATOR: Investigators reverse engineer from the pool of blood to reconstruct the story of the crime: exactly where the struggle took place, how many times the victim was hit, what kind of weapon was used, and the step-by-step movements of the killer. But even the best-trained analyst can misread that story, especially if the evidence itself is compromised. It's an alarmingly common problem, which the . says is caused by a lack of standard forensic practices. Nowhere has this issue received more attention than in one notorious case, cited in their report.

GREGORY PETSKO: For thousands of years, long before there was such a thing as a science of chemistry, people were fascinated by plants, because they knew that plants contained substances that could affect people. Coffee will keep you awake. Tobacco contains something that will calm your nerves. Foxglove contains an extract that'll affect your heart. And the whole goal of chemistry in the early part of the 20th century was to understand what these natural products were, to characterize their chemical structures, and figure out how to make them. This was called "natural products chemistry." It was the main branch of chemistry. And in 1929, Vienna, in Austria, was the seat of natural products chemistry. And that's why Percy Julian went there.

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Buy nova labs steroids

buy nova labs steroids


buy nova labs steroidsbuy nova labs steroids