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Then there's the "Quality Control" act of Doctor Training passed in 2001. Lobbied by the AMA, it warned of a "doctor glut," with the AMA spending $11,000,000,000 over the previous ten years lobbying Congress, pushing for it. A record-breaking amount of lobbying cash at the time.

The Medicare Program subsidizes 3/4 of the physician training hospitals (internship/residency) to over $100,000 per doctor. The AMA got Congress to lean on hospitals using Medicare funds, to cut back on doctor training or else face punitive measures in their subsidies.

This was done to prop up doctor salaries, by making Physicians more scarce. What part of "first, do no harm" does that fall into? : (

That's where the 15-minute appointment came from. Just enough time to write a script or refer you to a specialist, for another 15 minutes.

You can see a doctor for his advice and opinion, but healing is pretty much a self-education process these days for chronic degenerative disorders. Doctors just don't have the time to have lengthy discussions. If you get a doctor that does give you repeated lengthy discussions. you are either very lucky or very rich.

The Democrats in the Senate did not only allow this "Quality Control" donkey-poop to go through, they drank the Kool-Aid and aggressively promoted it. Does Daniel Moynihan ring a bell? He led the charge.

Canadian pharmaceuticals steroids

canadian pharmaceuticals steroids


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