Cenegenics medical institute steroids

Cynthia Maki, MS, RD, Dietician
“Most people know that proper diet can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. But did you know that diet can also reduce pain? Your own body has an amazing capacity to heal itself if nourished with the right foods. Modern medicine works better when coupled with good nutrition. Inflammation and the pain associated with it can be reduced by eating an anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich diet. My goal is not to impose a short-term meal plan but to begin to change the way you think about food and its impact on your health and well-being.”

As an advocate for preventative medicine, he has studied and trained with nationally recognized hormone and lifestyle medicine experts and with institutions including The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Cenegenics Medical Institute where he became certified in Age Management Medicine. As a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Wellness Coach with the American College of Sports Medicine, he supports his clients to achieve greater balance and joy in their lifestyle. As a researcher and author, his articles have appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association & other peer review journals. Dr Peters is the author of Nourishing Wellness: A Path to Wholistic Wellness Wealth.

The Cenegenics Elite Health Program produces real results with over 35,000 patients worldwide of whom 25% are physicians and their families. Patients who remain on the program experience dramatic changes in their health and vitality; decreasing body fat and increasing muscle tone, improving insulin and cholesterol levels, increasing physical and sexual vitality, managing stress and improving mental sharpness and sleep quality. In fact, a recent internal study shows that our patients reduced their body fat index in their first year by an average of 30%.

Cenegenics medical institute steroids

cenegenics medical institute steroids


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