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Dee and Dennis' Nazi grandfather 'Pop Pop' took them to a Neo-Nazi summer camp in 1981 (" Pop-Pop: The Final Solution ") . Frank was a terrible father to both Dee and Dennis growing up. He would find out what they wanted for Christmas and then buy it for himself ("A Very Sunny Christmas"). Frank's wealth allowed the two siblings to grow up in a higher social class than the rest of the gang, and Dee and Dennis seem to believe that they are still in that class (" Mac and Charlie: White Trash ") . Dee was unpopular in high school due to her severe scoliosis, which forced her to wear a back brace and earned her the nickname "The Aluminum Monster" (" The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo ") . In high school she dated Brad Fisher who also dated The Waitress . Dee's best friend in High School was Ingrid Nelson , also known as "Fatty Magoo". Matthew Mara ("Rickety Cricket") had a crush on Dee in high school and she tricked him into eating a horse turd with the promise of a kiss; after he ate the turd, she refused to kiss him because "his breath smelled like shit" (" The Gang Exploits A Miracle ") . After flunking out of the University of Pennsylvania, where she had intended to major in psychology, Deandra decided to become an actress. (" You gotta take it one step at a time when you want to be an actor ") However, she has put little effort into realizing her ambition and has never had any significant acting work. (" I learned a lot in my theater and psych classes about the human nature. ") She also admitted to sleeping with her psychology professor in college. (" He was a hot older man ")

Smart is also an avid knitter, sower and painter, and has been exhibited. [33] [34] She was a devout Scientologist starting in April 2003, [35] [36] after she and her husband were introduced to the religion by James Packer. Dee later abandoned the religion as she thought there were good morals to it but she thought that the rules were too strict on all the things needed of a person to be part of scientology. [37] Her eight siblings, who range from seven years younger to thirteen years older than her, are not involved in the entertainment industry and are scattered across Australia and London . [8]

Charlie and dee on steroids

charlie and dee on steroids


charlie and dee on steroidscharlie and dee on steroidscharlie and dee on steroidscharlie and dee on steroidscharlie and dee on steroids