Ciclos de polysteron y winstrol

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Many poison dart frogs secrete lipophilic alkaloid toxins through their skin. As a result, they are able to be active alongside potential predators during the day. Dart frogs also do not synthesize their poisons, but sequester the chemicals from prey items, such as ants and mites. Because of this, captive-bred animals do not contain significant levels of toxins. Most wild species are not lethal to their predators, but rather taste foul enough that frogs are released immediately. Despite the potent poisons utilized by some poison dart frogs, there are some predators that have developed the ability to withstand the toxins, including the Amazon ground snake (Liophis epinephelus). A chemical extracted from the skin of Epipedobates tricolor is of medicinal value. A painkiller 200-times as potent as morphine, called epibatidine, has little or no negative side effects. Secretions from dendrobatids are also showing promise as muscle relaxants, heart stimulants and appetite suppressants.

Ciclos de polysteron y winstrol

ciclos de polysteron y winstrol


ciclos de polysteron y winstrolciclos de polysteron y winstrolciclos de polysteron y winstrol