Cubital tunnel steroid injection

Yes, and it's scary. I had myn surgery 6 months ago after being diagnosed 12 years and at first had steroid injections which were great, then they stopped working. I read that losing the thumb musclemis the last stage of CTS Thumb Muscle Atrophy-the muscle affected is the Thenar muscle- th op is called opponensplasty They involve moving an expendable tendon from one part of the hand and attaching that tendon to the thumb to replace the missing function. I am searching to see if there are secific excercises to  build the muscle back up but I fear there aren't.. 

The difference between cervical radiculopathy and carpal tunnel syndrome is often made clinically by using a careful neurologic examination with provocative tests. Provocative tests can show irritation by reproducing hand symptoms caused by either a cervical nerve root in the neck or by the carpal tunnel itself. If a careful physical examination cannot determine the cause of the symptoms, an  EMG  test may be used. The EMG tests the electrical conduction of nerves and can show which nerves are involved as the nerve endings may be compressed in the neck or as they cross either the elbow or the wrist. When this happens in the elbow it is called cubital tunnel syndrome and affects the ulnar nerve.

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Cubital tunnel steroid injection

cubital tunnel steroid injection


cubital tunnel steroid injectioncubital tunnel steroid injectioncubital tunnel steroid injectioncubital tunnel steroid injectioncubital tunnel steroid injection