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Hi Vijay
I have 3 yrs of Exp in manual testing. I have been working on mobiles, desktop applications and web site testing and I am also an ISTQB certified tester. I have been trying to change my job for the past 1 yr but unable to do so. Most of the companies demand the knowledge of autmated tools. But I dont have any working Experience in automation . I tried to have hands on winrunner and QTP through the demo softwares available on just theknowledge of these tools is not enough ans the companies demand the experienec on some real time projects. Moreover I consider the softawre testting intitutes to be fake and of no use as even they teach us through the inbuilt application available with these demo versions.
Kindly guide me in letting me know whether just having the experience in manual testing enough for a good career growth. According to me no automation tool can replace the efficiency of manual testing.
Kindly comment.

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Dat dere cell tech steroids

dat dere cell tech steroids


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