Define neuroactive steroids

On the other hand, Mogg and co-workers (2008) noted that the effectiveness of rTMS for major depression is unclear.  These investigators performed a RCT comparing real and sham adjunctive rTMS with 4-month follow-up.  A total of 59 patients with major depression were randomly assigned to a 10-day course of either real (n = 29) or sham (n = 30) rTMS of the left DLPFC.  Primary outcome measures were the 17-item HAMD and proportions of patients meeting criteria for response (50 % reduction in HAMD) and remission (HAMD8) after treatment.  Secondary outcomes included mood self-ratings on Beck Depression Inventory-II and visual analog mood scales, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale score, and both self-reported and observer-rated cognitive changes.  Patients had 6-week and 4-month follow-ups.  Overall, HAMD scores were modestly reduced in both groups but with no significant group x time interaction (p = ) or group main effect (p = ); the mean difference in HAMD change scores was - (95 % CI: - to ).  At end-of-treatment time-point, 32 % of the real group were responders compared with 10 % of the sham group (p = ); 25 % of the real group met the remission criterion compared with 10 % of the sham group (p = ); the mean difference in HAMD change scores was (95 % CI: - to ).  There were no significant differences between the 2 groups on any secondary outcome measures.  Blinding was difficult to maintain for both patients and raters.  The authors concluded that adjunctive rTMS of the left DLPFC could not be shown to be more effective than sham rTMS for treating depression.

6. Would you say, then, that plants “think”?
No I wouldn’t, but maybe that’s where I’m still limited in my own thinking! To me thinking and information processing are two different constructs. I have to be careful here since this is really bordering on the philosophical, but I think purposeful thinking necessitates a highly developed brain and autonoetic , or at least noetic, consciousness. Plants exhibit elements of anoetic consciousness which doesn’t include, in my understanding, the ability to think.  Just as a plant can’t suffer subjective pain in the absence of a brain, I also don’t think that it thinks.

Can I just say that if you are given a death sentence it doesn’t really matter your intelligence. People have seen medicine fail before. These people might have seen it happen one too many times as I know I have or were convinced by people with over glorified research. That means nothing about they’re intelligence just about their desperation. They took a shot and it failed you can’t look down on them for that. The first person who used radiation or poisonous chemo was of the same mindset. To say that these people are less intelligent because they looked for another way other than just going along and just saying yes to the main stream science that has questionable mortality rates anyways just shows not only your lack of intelligence but also your lack of empathy for these poor people who took a chance to better their lives.

Define neuroactive steroids

define neuroactive steroids


define neuroactive steroidsdefine neuroactive steroidsdefine neuroactive steroidsdefine neuroactive steroidsdefine neuroactive steroids