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Just like Tara Reid, many people don't realize that Katherine Heigl was also a child star. Her first acting credit is from when she was 14, and of course, she also starred as Gerard Depardieu's daughter in My Father the Hero when she was 16. But it took years until her starring roles in Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up before she became a bonafide superstar. Unfortunately, her off camera behavior on both of those projects earned her a legendary reputation for being difficult to work with. Shonda Rhimes, the Grey's Anatomy showrunner, even infamously called Heigl out by name during a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter about her "no a******s policy" and not putting up with "bull***t or nasty people."

From then on, Heigl was constantly on the defensive. She's even tried addressing her rude behavior on The Howard Stern Show , telling him that the fallout from her difficult reputation caused her to enter therapy. But the feeling must have translated to audiences as at some point, because Heigl hasn't had a hit in a long time. Her two big network comebacks, State of Affairs and Doubt both flopped — the latter after only two episodes . And her latest movie as of this writing, Unforgettable , currently sits at a 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes , and has yet to make its money back, according to Box Office Mojo . Not to mention it looks like a Lifetime movie that they somehow tricked Rosario Dawson into doing. But the good news is Heigl already seems to have a backup plan in place with her series of Cat's Pride cat litter commercials that she starred in earlier this year. One of them even has over 100,000 views on YouTube! That's pretty good, right?

Hobie baywatch steroids

hobie baywatch steroids


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