Jbt labs anabolic

The test results will accurately indicate how a product will behave in production sterilizer machines such as rotary pressure, rotary atmospheric, hydrostatic or orbital rotary pressure. Thermocouples located within the cans are connected to a data logger to provide a record of the complete product heating and cooling cycles. In addition to heat penetration and cooling rate studies the Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer can be used for inoculated packs, check product quality, study container behavior and glass closure seal strength under a variety of conditions.

Variable simulation parameters for the Laboratory Sterilizer include temperature, time, steam pressure, air overpressure and reel agitation. These factors can be modified in the Steritort in almost unlimited combinations to meet almost all testing needs. In both standard and custom configuration, the JBT FoodTech Steritort simulates the following processes and sterilizer equipment:

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Jbt labs anabolic

jbt labs anabolic


jbt labs anabolicjbt labs anabolic