Kai greene talks about steroids

News swirled around last week that Kai Greene was not only joining the Super League in some capacity… but also leaving the IFBB never to compete again. While this spread like wild fire, we here at Generation Iron reported from his management that the second part of this story was not necessarily true. He would still be a part of the IFBB. Well to help clear up these rumors even further Kai Greene spoke with us in an exclusive interview and was surprisingly direct in his answer. When asked if he was leaving the IFBB Kai easily responded, “No. Absolutely not.”

One of the biggest lessons I have learned while getting stronger is to have a game plan in my mind but to let performance dictate what I should do. This doesn’t mean I’m one of those “reactive training” people who is overly tuning into his feelings because my feelings will limit me in getting stronger. What I do mean is that while a game plan is required, it cannot be a set of rules. It has to be a bunch of guidelines and I have learned to make adjustments based on what happens on the floor. Thinking on my feet is crucial to progressing.

RC: At this time, still nothing. Obviously, we would love to have Kai compete in the Olympia. He’s a great bodybuilder and a fierce competitor, and from a business standpoint it would be foolish for us to ban him. He has a huge fan base because his passion for the sport shines through, but for his own reasons, Kai chose to not sign his contract and not do the show. The decision was solely his, as it is for any and all athletes. While we will miss Kai, the Olympia will go on for the other 183 competitors who earned their way into the Olympia to compete this weekend.

Kai greene talks about steroids

kai greene talks about steroids


kai greene talks about steroidskai greene talks about steroidskai greene talks about steroidskai greene talks about steroidskai greene talks about steroids