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On 12 March 2010 Farid Bang released his second studio album, entitled Asphalt Massaka 2 , which ranked #56 in the German Album Charts. The song "Wer will Beef" ("who wants beef") as well as an album snippet were released for free on 5 February 2010 on Bang's official homepage. The first single, "Teufelskreis" ("devil's circle"), released on 11 February 2010, includes a download code for the track "König der Nacht" ("king of the night"). Videos of both tracks were released on 11 January 2010 and 9 February 2010 respectively. "Teufelskreis" was not able to enter the charts. The music video for "Es ist soweit" ("it's time") was released on 25 February 2010. It features appearances of Bang's mentor Eko Fresh and German soccer star Kevin Kurányi . On 10 March the video for the song "Gangsta Musik" was released, featuring Bass Sultan Hengzt . The release party took place on 12 March 2010 in the club called "Noir" in Düsseldorf, where all the guest artists from the album were present. [5]

Im Sommer 2014 wurde der Beef zwischen Farid Bang und Fler erneut angeheizt, da sich Farid Bang mehrfach auf Facebook über Flers Freundin lustig machte. Fler antwortete mit einem Brief, in dem er Bang als „Gast in Deutschland“ bezeichnete und dazu aufforderte, zurück in sein Land zu gehen. Der Brief sorgte für ein großes Echo, auch außerhalb der Rapszene, wobei Fler oft stark angegangen und als Nazi bezeichnet wurde. [27] Sowohl Fler als auch Farid Bang kündigten darauf für ihre kommenden Alben weitere Beleidigungen gegen den jeweils anderen an.

On March 10 2017, Blume announced his first Best-Of Legacy and the "Kollegah Gold-Award", a compilation of all his albums released under Selfmade Records. [24] Eight days later, during a concert of his "Imperator"-Tour in Leipzig there was a violent incident onstage. As it's often the case with rap concerts, a rap battle between two spectators should be performed on the stage. One of the participant tried to grab Blume's sunglasses. As a result Blume shoved the man, kicked him and punched him in the face. A few hours later videos of the attack were uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. [25] An uninvolved person filed a lawsuit against Blume. [26] [27] Legacy was released on July 14, 2017 and peaked on number two in Germany.

Kollegah farid bang steroid rap songtext

kollegah farid bang steroid rap songtext


kollegah farid bang steroid rap songtextkollegah farid bang steroid rap songtextkollegah farid bang steroid rap songtextkollegah farid bang steroid rap songtextkollegah farid bang steroid rap songtext