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Just to make it clear, this isn’t supposed to come across as hating on the people who look like this. This is saying that if you change your vision of how you want to look or what you want to achieve or who you support based on the fact that this look is more marketable or simply easier, or to better fit a criteria then you’re nothing but a weak minded sell-out. Do not change yourself or your goals because somebody else, regardless of who they are or what they offer you, think that it looks better. Don’t stop challenging yourself in the gym because some jersey-shore try hard scored the latest supplement sponsorship. Eat MASS, Train MASS and rest MASS. F*#k Aesthetics – long live MASSthetics!

Since making the move to full time artists, Mark and his crew of talented artist’s work now grace the inside and outside of some of the world’s most prominent and successful gym chains and other businesses. Their aim is to not only complete the work to their customers needs and satisfaction, but also to inspire those frequenting and working within the space in a way they’ve never been inspired before. Art has a way of reaching right into the soul of anyone who is near it – proven by the amount of international press and recognition that has come their way since their inception in 2011.

Mark meataxe taylor steroids

mark meataxe taylor steroids


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