Pharmapro anabolic mass stack review

Physalis somnifera –   also known as Indian Ginseng, this ingredient is a powerful adaptogenic that is specifically standardized for a % concentration of withanolides to potentiate maximum muscle size, density and strength. 

Reynoutria Japonica – is the 3rd ingredient in the Sterodrol formula that will help you attain freaky size….We have found that a 20% extract of Reynoutria has worked very well on its own to potentiate muscle; Let alone when it’s combined with other potent ingredients.

Ajuga Turkestanica is the other component of Maxsterone that is a botanical that contains a 2% concentration of the phytoecdysteroid turkesterone (2,3,11,14,20,22,25-Heptahydroxycholestenone). Other phytoecdysteroids within Ajuga Turkestanica include:  sileneoside A, ecdysterone, alpha-ecdysone and 2-desoxyecdysterone. These phytoecdysteroids are responsible for the anabolism attributed to Ajuga Turkestanica and like Commisterone,  works through similar non-hormonal pathways to evoke protein synthesis and the anabolic response mechanism. Because Maxsterone avoids hormonal pathways, it is a welcome addition to any athlete's supplement program.  This is especially true where hormone based products cannot be tolerated (such as persons with prostate issues) or for those individuals who are trying to avoid androgens period.  This is why Maxsterone is excellent when added as part of a PCT regimen as well. We strongly recommend a high protein diet while on Maxsterone.  With the body in a state of positive nitrogen retention, any additional protein in the diet will be additional fuel for protein synthesis leading to positive nitrogen retention and then .....Muscle!

Pharmapro anabolic mass stack review

pharmapro anabolic mass stack review


pharmapro anabolic mass stack reviewpharmapro anabolic mass stack reviewpharmapro anabolic mass stack reviewpharmapro anabolic mass stack reviewpharmapro anabolic mass stack review