Pitbulls dogs on steroids

My dog Evie started out with swollen lymph nodes under the jaw back in nov 2016. We took her to vet and at the time they said could be her teeth causing infection or lymphoma. We had the teeth cleaned , extractions as needed and she was on antibiotics for a month or so. She also had needle aspiration of the lymph nodes which came back inconclusive. They wanted to cut her and take out part of the lymph node but I said no. They thought she had cancer and I seen no point in putting her though all that if it was because they were giving her 6 to 8 weeks to live. Fast foward to mid May 2017 and shes been fine up until then although lymph nodes under jaw still swollen. No medications all that time. She began to get larger under the jaw and was having issues breathing. I took her back to vet and they put her on steroids for 2 weeks. Didnt really seem to help much. Took her back and they doubled up on her dosage of steroids and now lymph nodes are shrinking some and she is much more comfortable and breathing normally. She is not sick or nausea. She eats well. She is a bit low energy but she always was. So what Im asking is can this be something else besides cancer that they are missing ? I mean the vet herself told me that her own dog had lymphoma and she got it chemo and it only lasted 10 months. We are on 7 months with no treatments. She says we’re living on borrowed time and still thinks its cancer? Is there anything I can do ??

Welcome to Dogsaholic! I love the pictures that you have attached to this comment. These are great dogs with an equally great pet parent. I know where your hunch is coming from regarding the dog food, and it is a highly likely suspect especially if there are no significant changes in your routine over the past couple of weeks prior to this incident. It might be a bad batch of bags. What you can do for the meantime is to continue observing, and follow the current course of management that was previously provided for your GSD. They are resilient dogs in general and I believe he will become better. Let me know how we can help you further.

Pitbulls dogs on steroids

pitbulls dogs on steroids


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