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              Previously unvaccinated children less than 9 years of age require two doses of 
Influenza vaccine with a minimum interval of four weeks between doses. Those who have been previously vaccinated with influenza vaccine are recommended to receive one dose. 
Influenza vaccination will be available at the Vaughan Pediatric Clinic during your child’s regular scheduled appointments and on special Influenza vaccine clinic dates. Flu vaccine clinics are held without appointment on a first come first served basis, only on the dates specified. Caregivers will be encouraged to receive Influenza vaccine along with their children.

I've been researching Apoquel and came across your very informative site, thank you! My elderly Scottie, Molly, developed itching that couldn't be traced to anything, and eventually we tried Apoquel. Within 24 hours she was a different dog. After two weeks of 2 doses daily, we went to 1 dose daily. After the second month, the itching returned. i upped the dose to 2 x daily with no improvement, and now the itching is getting worse again. Since Apoquel is still in short supply, our vet has run out so Molly will be off it when this bottle runs out. I was wondering if anyone has reported any behavioral changes when their dog is on Apoquel? At first we just put her increasing mischievousness down to feeling better that she wasn't itching, but she's been off the charts goofy. She used to just sleep all day and be pretty laid-back barring the odd squirrel to chase, she's almost 13 and not terribly active. But in the past couple months she's been acting almost puppy like - she ate a whole stick of butter, got into a Christmas stocking and ate a giant block of cheese and a pound of chocolate (milk, fortunately, but still), she dug a hole and buried candy inside a houseplant. She got into the fireplace and hid know these are all relatively normal dog behaviors, but she has NEVER done this kind of stuff. And she doesn't do it when we're
home, she definitely waits for the opportunity, it's just weird, and the only thing that's changed is the Apoquel. I'd love to hear if you've heard any similar stories.

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