Steroids in high school athletes

I am glad you posted this article James. I have seen many photographers strictly adhering to the "rule of thirds" because that's the "rule" when in fact it is a bastardization of a concept: the Golden Rectangle. Ever wonder why pictures are usually in rectangles eg. 5x7? Do the math. I also like that you mentioned that the ration is not just used as a proportion in a grid but spirals (actually rectangles with an arc through each opposite vertex) but it also includes, arcs, angles and diagonals. (the second Youtube reference does a great job showing many, many possibilities).

This is a great write-up, and I appreciate the points you make about upstanding supplement companies getting involved in educating the media and the public, especially the media covering sports beats, not just diet and nutrition. Our company has been trying to target these editorial contacts and share information on our pure, natural and most importantly legal and safe products. I think it’s still a challenge to get the media and general public to be open to these natural products, for whatever reasons; caution, confusion, or doubt/disbelief??? If the media would be more receptive to writing about some of the sports supplement companies who have made strides in getting the necessary testing and certification done, to ensure that they offer a legal, safe and highly effective product, than maybe there would be a greater acceptance for the supplement industry within the general public.

Steroids in high school athletes

steroids in high school athletes


steroids in high school athletessteroids in high school athletessteroids in high school athletessteroids in high school athletessteroids in high school athletes