Truth about winstrol

It’s always adorable when a fucking small dick having, insecure narcissist who got bullied in HS talks about “alpha” this or bla bla bla. Stop posting on those dipshit bodybuilding websites and get a goddamn life and grow up, Jesus Christ. Steroids have been medically proven to atrophy your testes and cause sexual dysfunction. What kinda dumb asshole introduces a foreign substance to replace his own natural testosterone? Why take that idiot risk? I don’t get it. Get “bigger” for what? B/c you’re insecure? So you can risk your long-term hormonal stability?

It’s obvious you’ve never seen a woman actually talking to a huge muscular guy. Women like it. It’s like the old . myth that women don’t like guys in shape or guys that have huge cocks. They think the same as guys. Sure we’d all love to sleep with the girls from Maxxim magazine but does that mean you would say no to a girl who might be a 6 or a 7 on the hotness factor? No. I love girls with big tits but does that mean I won’t talk to a girl with small tits? Not a chance. Case in point, women like guys who are in great shape, they like guys who are well-endowed and a great lay in the sack and given the choice of a smart, funny guy in great shape or a smart, funny guy in terrible shape, they will go for in-shape guy every time.

Truth about winstrol

truth about winstrol


truth about winstroltruth about winstroltruth about winstroltruth about winstroltruth about winstrol