World strongest man use steroids

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Whoever put this list together doesnt have a clue what a load of shit
China and India, Russia for sure amongst the top 10 for sure, USA still spends an incredible amount on their military more than Russia and China combined, they are still the most technological advanced in the world…so far. South Korea okay as well, modern produce their own weapons. North Korea bahahahahaha they are broke and starving they would las a week and thats about it. Pakistan is poor, their soldiers are poorly trained and their equipment is not 5th generation, large army but India would crush them very quickly. What about Israel with a proven combat record and far more technologically advanced than Pakistan and Turkey put together.

World strongest man use steroids

world strongest man use steroids


world strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroidsworld strongest man use steroids